WordPress Website Services

      Free up your time, so you can focus on helping your customers and working on core business tasks instead of getting mired in tech hassles.

       Need help at any time?

      When you're a Services Client, just shoot me an email, and we'll discuss it, and I'll jump in there and fix any issues as needed. No need to submit a support ticket and hope the support person will get back to you in a timely way. Or having to deal with a different person each time (who isn't familiar with your website).

      I genuinely care about your website and your business, and will take care of your site as though it's my own.

WordPress Site Maintenance

I'll perform all essential maintenance tasks for your site to ensure it's running smoothly. You keep your current web host, but I'll deal with them if the need arises, so saving you from the hassle.

  • I'll do all updates for you - plugins, themes, and WP core. I'll check your site after updates to ensure there are no issues.
  • I'll back up your site (files and database) regularly and store your backup securely in the cloud. Yes your web host does backups, but you don't want to just rely on your host if and when something goes wrong. Your own backups (which I'll do and manage for you) will be there if your site should have a significant issue. I'll restore your site (if the need should arise) and make sure it's back to good operating condition.
  • I'll monitor your site for uptime. If your site should be down for any reason, I'll know and I'll get in there to fix it as soon as I reasonable can.
  • I'll monitor your site for performance issues and do performance enhancements as needed.
  • Any questions or issues, simply email me. No need to submit a ticket to get tech support. You'll get me every time, not some random support staff person you don't know.
  • You can keep your web host, so no need to switch hosts for this service. If needed, I'll deal with your web host to fix any issues, so that you don't need to.                                              **If you feel you want to change web hosts, I also offer a WP site hosting service, where I will host your site on Cloudways, which is a reliable managed WP host (and I host my own site with them).
  • All plugins needed to carry out the tasks as part of this service (which were not already installed on your site, and which I own agency licenses to) will be installed on your site and used for this purpose. You won't need to pay for these plugins while you remain on this service. I hold licenses to certain paid plugins for this purpose, and instead of charging you for use of these plugins, it's included in the service pricing.

WordPress Site Hosting

I'll switch your site over to Cloudways, a reliable managed WordPress host, and maintain your site for you. Since the cost of hosting your site is included, you will simply need to pay one bill for your site's hosting and maintenance.

Everything in Site Maintenance Service plus:

  • I'll switch your site over to Cloudways. I'll do the migration for you, so I'll take care of things from start to finish in this process. I'll see to it that your site runs normally with no issues just as it was in your previous web host. **If your site currently has a tech issue, we can discuss various options (if feasible) in our initial call.
  • Any questions or issues, simply email me. No need to submit a ticket to get tech support. You'll get me every time, not some random support staff person you don't know.
  • I'll maintain your site from then on as described in my WP Site Maintenance service (please see that section for details).
  • This service takes the entire tech load off your shoulders as far as your WordPress site is concerned.

wordpress site maintenance

I maintain your site and make sure it's running well with no issues.

Just  69/mo  for one site

and  29/mo  per additional site


  • All plugin, theme, WP core updates performed
  • Your site (files and database) backed up and stored securely in the cloud
  • Continuous uptime monitoring - I'll get to work to fix issue if your site goes down
  • Site performance monitored and performance enhanced if needed.
  • Just email me whenever you need to re your site - No submitting a support ticket required
  • I'll maintain your site with care  as if it were my own site
  • Plus more benefits listed above


STEP 1: Book a phone call at a time that works for you, so we can discuss the specifics of your website, business, and any other relevant aspects.

NOTE: This initial phone call is free. I've set it up to last up to 30 minutes, but we can certainly finish up sooner if you have no other questions and I have the info I need to start service for you.

Please use this button (or the buttons above) to book call:

STEP 2: I'll call you at the appointment time. *Please enter the phone number I should call when you book your call (on the booking page).

NOTE: On the call, we'll discuss the specifics of your WordPress site. I'll ask about how you use your site in your business (i.e. for content marketing, for customer transactions, for hosting a membership site, and/or other uses). Of course, I'll also gather relevant info such as your domain name, WP admin page credentials, etc, so that I can perform this service for you. At the same time, feel free to ask me any questions you might have before you sign up.

NOTE: Please know that things are in your control at this point. Your payment is the key that starts my service. So after our initial call, you can still decide not to go ahead and sign up for any service. I won't do anything until I get a notification that a payment has been made. At the same time, you are free to change your mind - no hard feelings, of course :-)

STEP 3: Upon being notified of your payment, I'll start my service for you on a date that you choose - this service-start date is something we should have talked about in our initial phone call.

NOTE: This service-start date must be within 7 days of payment (unless we've talked and mutually agreed on a different arrangement).