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Even though Thrive Architect enables you to edit your site pages to your heart's content, this level of customizability does come with a price: It's complex to use. START:

Are you tired of trying to get your page just the way you want using Thrive Architect?

If you've been struggling to get something looking the way you want, do any of these things sound familiar?

Trying to style an element and having trouble figuring out where the setting for this is (which category)?

Trying to figure out how to change elements on a given page template to how you want them on your page? Where is this setting located??

This is especially true if you are a newbie.

Don't get me wrong: Thrive Architect is an amazing pagebuilder and visual site editor. It does what it is built to let you do: achieve highly granular editing of just about every detail of every element on the pages of your site.

But with this, what comes along for the ride is the complexity.

There are roughly two ways that folks approach using Thrive Architect:

Start with a pre-built landing page template from Thrive's library. Or:

Start (more or less) from scratch with a clean slate.

Both of these have complexity of their own.

Let's take the start with pre-built approach. You'd think it enables you to build your page super quickly. And it does - if you take that page EXACTLY as is and just swap out the images and text.

In practice, that almost never is the case. You are going to do some tweaking and make some adjustments at a minmum.

For example: If you have more words in your paragraph, that might throw the look off slightly. Or something that affects things more.

I'm not going to walk you through how to build and edit frivolous, or relatively unimportant pages. Instead, I'm going to walk you through building the essential pages of your site for your online business. These essential pages are:

Your online course or membership site Dashboard Page.

Individual Membership Site FEATURE Dashboard Page. Example: For the Office Hours feature.

Office Hours Dashboard Page will have:

(1) Top section showing next Office Hours date and time and Sign-Up button.

(2) Section below Top section contains a Contact Form type element allowing members to enter questions (text) so you can collect and answer these questions during the next Office Hours.

(3) Bottom section is a Post List element showing a grid of the most recent recorded office hours sessions - for your members to watch and re-watch.